NAFSMA Alert - Risk MAP Standards and Guidannce Training Today and November 30

NAFSMA Alert - Risk MAP Standards and Guidannce Training November 30

NAFSMA Members – We just received notice today that FEMA will be holding a Risk MAP training event today and also on November 30. Information on how to access the training is provided below. 


The Risk MAP Guidelines and Standards process releases updates each May and November.  The changes for November are being finalized now for release in the next few weeks.  FEMA is offering training to review the Fall 2016 changes.  The training will provide details on the new or updated standards, changes to any guidance documents, technical references or templates, a brief recap of the Spring changes and provide an opportunity to ask questions about these changes.  The target audience for this training are FEMA HQ and Regions, contractors, and CTPs.


The November maintenance cycle includes routine updates and ongoing transformation of legacy guidelines and specifications to produce new guidance documents that align with the current structure of Risk MAP standards, guidance and related documents.


In addition to this routine maintenance, FEMA plans to issue new and updated standards, guidance documents, technical references and related templates to address recommendations from the Technical Mapping Advisory Council (TMAC), a Federal Advisory Committee that advises FEMA on the flood mapping program.  The TMAC changes for November will address the recommendations that FEMA: document the accuracy of elevation data used for modeling and mapping in a way that is easily accessible to users, periodically review new publicly available statistical models, provide more guidance on the selection and use of various models for flood mapping, and assess the cost impact of new requirements and provide guidance to consistently address the impact.


A request to ASFPM for 1 CEC credit for attending this training as been made. Upon approval, there will be further instructions during the training session to request this credit.


There will be two sessions available (Meeting invites attached):


Date: Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm EST

Conference Number: 1-800-320-4330

Participant Code: 712481

Adobe Connect:

(Audio is available through Adobe Connect if the conference bridge is full) 


(Note: This training session will be recorded and made available on Risk MAP University.)