NAFSMA Levee Subcommittee Developing New NAFSMA White Paper on Levee Issues

NAFSMA Levee Subcommittee Developing New NAFSMA White Paper on Levee Issues

The NAFSMA Levee Subcommittee will hold a luncheon meeting during the Annual Flood and Stormwater Management Conference on Tuesday, June 27 at the Belmond Charleston Place.  In preparation for the meeting, NAFSMA is drafting a brief white paper on levee issues.  Taking the lead on this paper will be NAFSMA Vice President Janet Bly, Flood Management Committee Co-Chair Sunny Simpkins and NAFSMA Technical Advisor Dusty Williams.

NAFSMA is looking for members to help draft the white paper.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested and able to help the drafting group.  The white paper will be reviewed by the NAFSMA Leadership at the group’s meeting on Monday, June 26 and then again by the Levee Subcommittee on Tuesday with the goal of having the paper approved by the membership as part of the business meeting on Thursday morning, June 29.

Also the Subcommittee leadership is looking on input for agenda items for the committee discussion on June 27.  So please send your recommendations in on agenda items as well. 

Please email and if you can help on the drafting team and/or if you have recommendations for agenda items.  Please respond to this email by Friday, May 12 so that we make sure to include your input as we move forward on these items. 

We also urge you to come to the Annual Meeting in Charleston to hear more on timely and critical levee issues from the federal, state and local perspective!  You can register online at

Thank you so much for your involvement and support.  We look forward to hearing from you on the white paper and meeting agenda, and we look forward to seeing you in Charleston next month!!